The Wavy Tunnel Course

The Wavy Tunnel Course Download. This “institutional-level” trading program is the direct result of decades of career, and now I make it available to traders to help them succeed.

Technical Analysis Training

1. In technical analysis training courses you learn to identify trends and sideways markets.
2. Each cycle requires a different strategy and mindset.
3. Once the cycle is identified, the trader learns which strategies to use to trade each cycle.
4. The analysis tools learned are combined to create high probability trading strategies.
5. But without Elliott Wave Analysis do not have the complete picture yet!

The Elliott Wave Series and Wavy Tunnel

1. In The Elliott Wave Series, we label these cycles and call them waves. We learn about sub-waves too.
2. We learn how to find the End of the Trend, and what a Trend, Correction and Reversal Pattern truly means in the context of the big picture.
3. Finally, we bring it all together and introduce a powerful trading strategy which addresses all market cycles – the WAVY TUNNEL.
4. Today, we bring you the Wavy Tunnel as a stand-alone Video Series!


  1. You must test this strategy on Demo Account
  2. Do not trade in news
  3. Do not risk more than 2% of your capital
  4. Withdraw your profits on time
  5. Recommended Best Forex Signals Providers: 1- Paid Forex Signals ( Telegram) 2- 1000Pip Builder

[list][item icon="fa-check-square-o" ]Recommended Brokers: FXTM,  FBS and OctaFx[/item][/list]

Free Download

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