The Candlestick Training Series by Timon Weller

The Candlestick Training Series by Timon Weller

The Candlestick Training Series by Timon Weller Download. The Candlestick Training Series is a training series focused on how to trade the Forex Market with multiple types of candlesticks. In this training Timon leads a candlestick training seriestrader through a series of important core market dynamic processes, aspects include how to determine a high probability trading zone, how to evaluate potential transitions of power by evaluating candlestick formations, how to evaluate risk to reward and how to assess whether or not to consider an opportunity in the market based on all of these aspects.

Part 1 – Video Part One in the training series goes over how to determine and identify Important Structure and High Probability Zones on the Forex Chart.

Part 2 – In Video Part Two we cover three topics, what I refer to as candle transitions of power, an alert candle, indecision points, decision points and lastly analysing the most powerful candles in Forex.

Part 3 – In Video Part Three we combine all the processes taught in Part 1 and Part 2 and put them all together and then jump on the charts and look at examples of potential opportunities. This is when the strategy comes in and how to apply what is taught to your future trading.

Evaluating Potential Risk to Reward Video – In this Bonus Video I go over how to evaluate risk to reward before considering a trade in the market.

Seeing The Process in Action – In this video part I show the sequence on a live moving chart and 8 trades taken one after the other with the process going from the daily zones to the 4 hour.


  1. You must test this strategy on Demo Account
  2. Do not trade in news
  3. Do not risk more than 2% of your capital
  4. Withdraw your profits on time
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