Nicola Delic Elliott Wave DNA Trading

Nicola Delic Elliott Wave DNA Trading

Nicola Delic Elliott Wave DNA Trading Download Full Course for Free. Elliott discovered that the market only has two phases that repeat, and you can see them on every single timeframe and in every single instrument. You can view a good illustration of these phases in Image 1. The first phase is called the Motive Phase. This is the part of the cycle that moves in the direction of the larger trend. You will notice on Image 1 that there are five waves labeled with numbers from 1 through 5. The second phase is called the Corrective Phase. This part of the cycle represents pullbacks that happen in the market. Within the corrective phase we find just three waves; labeled with letters A, B, and C. We know that the patterns repeat and repeat, so they link to each other and build the same pattern on the larger scale. The image below depicts an example of this.

The best way to learn any strategy is to start at the beginning! My strategy is built around the Elliott Wave Theory: That’s a near-century-old and proven strategy developed by the great Ralph Nelson Elliott. “R.N.” as he was called, began his career as an accountant and before his big discovery he published two books: Tea Room & Cafeteria Management and The Future of Latin America. After his visit to Central America he contracted an illness that forced him to retire from accounting.


  1. You must test this strategy on Demo Account
  2. Do not trade in news
  3. Do not risk more than 2% of your capital
  4. Withdraw your profits on time
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