The NickB Method Averaging 100 Pips a Week

The NickB Method Averaging 100 Pips a Week

The foundation of my method is to keep things simple. I am against over complicating trading. In my opinion, the simpler your method is, the more effective you will be. Making something extremely complicated is only going to waste time and add stress. That is why I try to keep my trading as simple as possible. Over complicating something that works very well is counterproductive.

The NickB Method Averaging 100 Pips a Week

All I need are a few lines on my chart and I can make 100+ pips per week with ease. Some methods you see are just a mess of indicators; so many that you can barely see the candles. This is not the way to trade. If you can be consistently profitable keeping it simple, with just a few lines, then that is obviously the better option. So as you read on, and find out that my method is just a few simple lines, do not run away. These simple lines have been making me a lot of money consistently for 4 years. That is more than can be said for 99% of the trading methods out there. Simplicity is a good thing, not a bad thing.


My system involves the use of your brain (every trader has one), and that is why after 4 years, my method is still profitable.


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