Long Candle-strong moves in the market by Barry Thornton

This course can be completed by beginners to Forex trading. If you are completely new to Forex trading you may have to reread the course a number of times. As this course is called the long candle course I think it would be a good time to make sure that everybody understands the basis of Japanese candles.

1 hour candle would therefore equal the movement of the 12 five minute candles that can be found on the 5 minute chart. The key information obtained from every candle is: – The price high, the price low, the opening price, the closing price and the direction of movement from its color.

Long Candle strong moves in the market by Barry Thornton

The course covers psychological techniques, technical analysis methods, fundamental analysis techniques, Forex trading strategies, money management techniques, trading processes, Trading tips etc all aimed at one thing. Increasing your odds of becoming a money making Forex trader. To be a money making Forex trader you will have to study and read ALL the material to get the full benefit
of the course.

My other objectives with this course are

  • To convince you that your long term Forex trading mental and psychological attitude (especially your attitude to losing) is the biggest factor contributing to your Forex trading success.
  • To show you the importance of knowing the phase the market is in (trending, wavy or sideways) before trading.
  • To show and convince you that a straight line is the best leading indicator and TRIGGER for successful Trades.
  • To show and convince you that trading volumes represented by Bull and Bear orders are important trading tools for finding long candles.
  • To convince you that you need to be able to accept the use of a trading strategy which only relies on low (40% to 60%) success rate to make lots of
    money. If you get a better result it is a bonus.
  • To convince you that fast momentum indicators are the best tools for pointing you in the right direction in sideways and soft wavy market conditions.
  •  To show and convince you that you only need a handful of confirmation signals to trade.
  • To show you some great bounce and breakout trading strategies.
  • To convince you that money management and trading psychology are the most important contributors to a trader’s success, and to show you how 2 simple approaches can resolve money management and psychological problems experienced by many traders.


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