Fx Venom Pro

Fx Venom Pro

Fx Venom Pro catches very fast and profitable price movements and gives you an easy BUY/ SELL signals. The system is comprised of two parts.

The first one is entry direction that will be determined by red/blue bands.

The second one (located at the right upper corner) is trend dashboard.

We’re waiting for the UP blue arrow and blue band to appear up.

Buy Trade

When the arrow appears (there will be an alert), we check the strength of the trend
in the upper right corner.
The perfect situation (for buy signal) are three blue bars, which tells us that the signal
is strong and it is in agreement with the major trend .

Trade should be closed, when the opposite signal appear (red down arrow and red

Sell Trade

Rules for 3 bar sell signal are very similar to the buy signal rules, we will only
use opposite colors.

Wait until the red down arrow and red band is generated.
Check the trend strength in the upper right corner.
The ideal situation are three red bars when the sell signal is generated.

Trade should remain open until opposite blue up arrow and band appear.

Stop Loss

Where to put Stop Lose.
SL order should be placed at the last swing high (for sell trades) or on the last swing low (for buy

You can see more details in Strategy’ Manual (PDF)

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