Fiji Trend Indicator Download Free

System is developed on one custom coded indicators which will allow you to trade any currency pair and timeframe. Alert function will let you not to monitor charts every time.


Key features that places the Forex Doms Fiji Trend among the best indicator.

  • It is easy to use. You only have to look out for the signals to place and close your orders.
  • Once a trade is opened on the basis of this indicator, the chances of making profits are very high.
  • It keeps the trading chart clean.
  • Suits all Trading Style Traders.
  • It needs no much understanding of the dynamics of the various world economies. The trader have no obligation of understanding how to do technical and fundamental analysis. The algorithm behind placing and closing the trades have been consolidated into one robust indicator.
  • The indicator is for use on all currency pairs.
  • It is has no limitations as to the timeframes with which to trade.
  • It has inbuilt features that enables it to minimize noises. This is what makes it more efficient. The signals given by the forex Fiji Trend Indicator are very accurate.

You Have Full Control – there is no ‘automation’ or trading ‘for you’. You quickly learn to spot trend direction and trade like a pro’ yourself – in just minutes a day!

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