Diamond Price Action Indicator – High Accuracy

Diamond Price Action Indicator – shows BEST Price Action Patterns EVER !  Indicator is searching  market for 6 types of years-proven Price Action Patterns. 3 Patterns provides Buy Signal, other 3 Patterns shows Sell Signal.

System Advantages:

—> Fast Trading System, in many cases Signals Provide almost Immidiate Market Prive Movement, no need to wait results for years!!!—> Non Repaint , Non Late , Signals Appears at the Open of New Bar/Candle !!!

—> High Accuracy of Signals in many cases up to 80-90 !!!

—> Signals has Pop Up Alert, Mail and Mobile Notification !!!

—> Buy/Sell Signals has own, live – calculated 3 Profit Targers : Small, Medium and Maximum Profit Targets!!!

—> All Colors of the system are adjustable, you can customize it yourself !!!

How it works ?

Indicator search 6 Patterns on market, once Pattenr is found, Indicator shows Buy/Sell Arrow, Provides Sound signal and Calculates 3 most Relevant profit Targets.
Profit Targets is calculated according to pattern, it has Multiply Ratio, that also can be ajustable in system inputs, for example to make system more agressive. Now system has classic Profit Targets, in many cases you can earn much more pips!

Inidcator Adjustable Inputs :

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